How to write an invoice template

Preparing an invoice in the proper manner is an important aspect in running of any business. An invoice can simply be defined as a bill stating the items sold or the services rendered and the amount charged for these. A copy of the invoice is sent to the customer and another copy is retained by the issuing company.

An invoice template is a paperwork which is designed to be customized and used as a ready-made invoice. Preparing an invoice template is a highly professional job and intense care must be taken in its formulation. The template should have a professional look and must also be easy and simple to customize. Below are the steps which can guide one in preparing an invoice template.

  1. Insert the name of the Company, its logo, address, contact no. and website and/or email address.
  2. Next to insert is a reference no. known as the invoice number. The term ‘invoice number’ is known by different names in different countries and must be used accordingly. This number is very important so as to make the invoice a legal document.
  3. Following this, there should be a table design having columns to fill in a short description of the items sold or services rendered, units sold, unit price, and total price for each item or service.
  4. After this, space must be provided to insert the amount of tax charged, discounts given and finally the net amount payable. The currency key must be mentioned in all currency values.
  5. The mode of payment should also be written here. Any related details must be clearly mentioned so as to avoid any incongruity.
  6. Space for signature of the authorized personnel ought to be provided. Date of issuing the invoice also needs to be stated here.
  7. Disclaimers, if any, should also have a bearing at the end.

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