Electrical Service Invoice Template

An electrical service invoice template is a kind of a document which can be customized and used as an electrical service invoice by any electrical repair and service company or centre. Any such template is framed in such a way that it is used to indicate an outline of an actual service invoice. These documents prove to be very useful for those electrical servicemen who do not wish to formulate a service invoice on their own due to either lack of time or resources. An electrical service invoice is a sales receipt which is handed over by an electrician to the client as a proof of payment.

Sample Electrical Service Invoice Template:

Electrical Service Invoice Template

Download Electrical Service Invoice Template



Travel Expense Invoice Template

A travel expense invoice is a document which gives details of all kinds of travel expenses that an individual or a group of travelers have to pay. Any such document lists down the categories of expenses with relevant tax details etc. A travel expense invoice template is a document which provides a well detailed and professional outline of a travel expense invoice and can be used by travel agencies so as to present a receipt of the expenses of a client. The following is a sample of a travel expense invoice template which can be used for the purpose of reference by anyone.

Sample Travel Expense Invoice Template:

Travel Expense Invoice Template

Travel Expense Invoice Template

Download Travel Expense Invoice Template

How to Write a Simple Invoice

Simple yet detailed invoice can be beneficial for recording the business transactions effectively.  This also helps the user to understand what descriptions that are needed to be incorporated in the invoice. Moreover, such an accessible invoice helps the business to store transaction related records for future reference. However, in order to write a simple invoice one must abide by the following points.

  • On the very first instance, one should write the name of the business and its address by whom the invoice is being produced unless it is being printed. Following it one must also write the unique reference number of the invoice which would help in business processing.
  • Irrespective of the content, an invoice should always bear space for mentioning the date of its creation. In some cases it is also important to specify the time of billing and date of services. This makes the invoice simple yet detailed from every aspect.
  • A separate space is created for briefing the detail of the services provided and items sold. This section has to be written with great details along with the itemized cost and effort spent for rendering the service in particular.
  • Write the gross amount that is due at the end of the invoice and encircle it so that it clearly understandable.
  • You can also write a section as within what time frame the due payment is being anticipated. Typically this time is given between 15-30days of work completion. Even the mode of payment by which you would like to receive can also be mentioned.
  • It is important to specify the terms and conditions which one must abide. It should also mention about the consequences that one must face in case of delaying or not paying the entire due amount.

Thus by considering the above given points, one can write a simple invoice.

Tips for Creating an Invoice

Invoice is an essential draft that outlines the nature of services provided, payment incurred due to it and other details associated. These invoices have to be drafted adhering the policy of the business by whom it is being produced. Therefore, creation of an invoice has to be done professionally yet with a gracious approach. Some of the noteworthy tips for creating an invoice are as enlisted:

  • Invoice can be created either by MS word or Excel. Preferably excel imparts a spreadsheet look which helps in detailing itemized cost in an elaborate approach. However, these days number of invoice templates is available in MS word which can be customized according to the business need.
  • With increasing need of business world, invoices are readily available on various sites. These sites come with the option of “Generate your own Invoice” which helps in creating such invoices which are required by the business.
  • Always ensure to create an invoice that is unique in style and contains all the essential lineation that is needed for detailing the itemized cost of each service in particular. Printable invoices are of great help in this regard but ensure that no other business is using the same pattern.
  • After creating an invoice, preview it in order to find whether it would sync with your need and meet the business standard or not. This also helps in identifying the inadvertent errors.
  • Always ensure to customize the invoice in accordance to the business for which you are creating it. These help you to put appropriate images and graphics that depict the business.

Payment related terms and conditions vary largely from business to business. Hence, always ensure to keep a separate space for this section regardless of how you are creating the invoice.

Thus keeping these points into consideration one can create a proper invoice as per requirements.

Invoice Writing Tips

The anticipation for reward always adds enthusiasm to labour. Invoice is such a draft which brings your monetary due in return of the service that is being provided. Therefore, this kind of essential draft has to be written precisely yet with all minute details of the charge incurred for the service rendered. This could be easily achieved if one adheres to some significant invoice writing tips which are as follows:

  • At the foremost stage of an invoice (on the letterhead), it must bear space for specifying the business name and address.  Moreover, it should also special mention about the reference number. This is very important in case for an invoice as in many companies these are processed and identified by this unique number. It also helps a business to maintain the invoice spreadsheet for future need.
  • The invoice should have adequate space and appropriate lineation for recording the transaction. This is a process through which all the services rendered could be tracked by a business.
  • Always ensure to keep a separate place for writing the date of creation of the invoice. Preferably, this space must be provided under the space provided for reference number. If pertinent, in the billing section the time could also be mentioned.
  • The most critical part of an invoice is its description section. Make three separate sections for recording the service rendered, cost incurred for each of the service and total cost for a particular service. Ensure to keep ample space for itemizing the cost. This is because a proper invoice should be clear and concisely described so that it does not give rise to any discrepancy.
  • Payment terms should be specified clearly either at the back or at the bottom of the invoice. This is essential as the client would have an idea of the conditions which he needs to abide by.

How to write an invoice template

Preparing an invoice in the proper manner is an important aspect in running of any business. An invoice can simply be defined as a bill stating the items sold or the services rendered and the amount charged for these. A copy of the invoice is sent to the customer and another copy is retained by the issuing company.

An invoice template is a paperwork which is designed to be customized and used as a ready-made invoice. Preparing an invoice template is a highly professional job and intense care must be taken in its formulation. The template should have a professional look and must also be easy and simple to customize. Below are the steps which can guide one in preparing an invoice template.

  1. Insert the name of the Company, its logo, address, contact no. and website and/or email address.
  2. Next to insert is a reference no. known as the invoice number. The term ‘invoice number’ is known by different names in different countries and must be used accordingly. This number is very important so as to make the invoice a legal document.
  3. Following this, there should be a table design having columns to fill in a short description of the items sold or services rendered, units sold, unit price, and total price for each item or service.
  4. After this, space must be provided to insert the amount of tax charged, discounts given and finally the net amount payable. The currency key must be mentioned in all currency values.
  5. The mode of payment should also be written here. Any related details must be clearly mentioned so as to avoid any incongruity.
  6. Space for signature of the authorized personnel ought to be provided. Date of issuing the invoice also needs to be stated here.
  7. Disclaimers, if any, should also have a bearing at the end.

What is an invoice template

An invoice template is a pre-configured piece of paperwork which contains space for the documentation of the goods sold or services rendered and the amount of money that the seller or the service provider owes to the customer. Being a highly important official document, utmost care should be taken to prepare invoice template and make it usable.

Generally, all invoice templates are of similar pattern, only having a very few variations. Below is the detailed list of items that an ideal invoice template must have provision for.

  • The word INVOICE must be written in bold, and centrally aligned at the top of the invoice.
  • Space to insert the logo of the company (issuing the invoice), their address and other contact details must be presented.
  • A unique invoice number which can be used for reference in case of any issues arising in future should also be specified.
  • Date of issuing the invoice is very essential to have.
  • Name, address and other contact details of the buyer must be mentioned.
  • Date, delivery address and mode of delivery can also be documented.
  • A table format for the following must be provided
    • Serial No. of items sold or services rendered
    • Description of the items or services
    • Unit price of each item or service.
    • Total price for each item or service
    • Grand Total
    • Tax levied
    • Discounts, if any
    • Net amount to be paid
  • Mode of payment must also be stated. Other related details related to payment, like cheque no. (in case of payment through cheque), last date of payment etc must be mentioned.
  • The signature of the authority should also be clearly cited.
  • Disclaimers, if any, must also be written.

The above points, if followed meticulously, can help in designing an effective and efficient invoice template which can be customized at ease as per requirement.